Brian Yersky
Brian is a 26 year old NPC superheavyweight  
bodybuilder who started competing a few years
ago.  We shot him at his gym in Ohio working out
his formidable shoulders a couple of weeks
before he took the stage at the 2008 NPC Junior
USA bodybuilding contest where he placed 3rd.  
These pictures were shot between prejudging
and finals with his stage body make up on.  

Brian was trained by IFBB pro bodybuilder
George Farah for this show and is sponsored by
MetRx.  You may recognize him from editorial
photos in bodybuilding and fitness magazines.

Support Brian by stopping by his website,
Brian's Stats

Year of Birth: 1982        Height: 5' 10"       Weight: 245 lbs   
Waist: 30"        Chest: 56"     Arms: 20 1/2"    Forearms: 15"
Thighs: 29"        Calves: 21"        Neck: 19"
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